Reed Larsen for President

Hi there! My name is Reed Larsen and I am running to be your next Students Union President.


Cover Letter

Last year, I was honoured to be elected as your Vice President (External), and in the past two years, I have served on all levels of University of Alberta governance, including General Faculties Council, Students Council, and the University of Alberta Senate. I have worked hundreds of hours writing bylaws, developing policies, and advocating for students with the Students’ Union. This year I was the Chair of the Council of Alberta University Students, leading a team of ten student association Presidents and VP Externals representing 100,000 students to the Government of Alberta. I built relationships with government member (like the Minister of Advanced Education Marlin Schmidt), oversaw wins like long-term mental health grants and increased university funding, fielded all media relations, was the facing public image of the organization and completed the four major policy and research papers. Asides this advocacy experience, I have been a successful entrepreneur, teacher, property manager, and community organizer.

2018/19 will present challenges and opportunities for the University of Alberta Students Unions that will need consistent, reliable, and experienced leadership. The Students Event Initiative, if successful, will change how we interact with students every day and will be the largest project in the Students Union Buildings 50 years. Politics in the province of Alberta are growing more divisive, and students unions are being pushed, on all sides, to become more partisan. The University of Alberta continues to work through a new strategic vision, with complications like deferred maintenance, shrinking budgets, and low revenues.

My Presidency would bring consistent, reliable, and experienced leadership to the University of Alberta Students Union. I have the know how to overlook a major renovation project and the governing experience to oversee the implementation of the Students Event Initiative. I have already built strong relationships with members of government and the official opposition and know how to ensure best that student priorities are top of mind going into the 2019 election cycle. Through years of campaigns, media, and outreach I have developed the skills to fight for student interests, not sit idly by.

I am running for President so that I can continue to serve students and fight for the things that matter to them. On March 7th & 8th I hope you place your trust in me to do so.


Reed Larsen


I’m not joking that people are going hungry,” he said. “Another tuition increase above any sort of standard will drive people to be homeless, that’s just where we’re at.
— Reed Larsen: Gateway 2018


Check out this platform short form or download the platform in full below!

Protecting Student Rights

There is a fundamental experience and education that all students share when they go through the post-secondary system. Student rights need to reflect these fundamental experiences and be easily accessible as to protect the well being of students.   

Student Charter of Rights
Students need easy access to a Charter of Student Rights.

Tenants Rights
Students living in a shared residence should not be exempt from basic tenants rights that all other Albertans have.

Accessible Post-Secondary Education

The cost of post-secondary education in Alberta is the largest barrier to getting a university education, however, there are also multiple systemic barriers that prevent participation. Students need the programs, supports, and incentives that ensure that university education is financially and systemically accessible.

Up-Front Grants
Provincial tax credits should be shifted into up-front grants so that students can receive the benefits up-front, plan for the costs of tuition, and graduate with less debt.

International Students

International students should be able to study in good faith in Alberta knowing that their tuition and housing costs are predictable and that they have a reasonable opportunity to find meaningful employment.

Employment Opportunities

The Students Union should make sure that public employment opportunities for students are as accessible and readily available as possible.

All-Gender Washrooms

All Students should have access to washrooms on a university campus.

Engaging Campus Community

The University of Alberta and the Students Union are undergoing major infrastructure updates, policy changes, and building capacity. These changes will have direct consequences on a students experience on campus and the campus community need to be at the forefront in all of these discussions.

Fundraising & SU Alumni Relations
The Student Events Initiative will be the first time that the Students Union undergoes a large scale fundraising effort and it should use this opportunity to establish long-term fundraising and SU alumni relations strategy. These efforts should focus on creating new opportunities for SU alumni to engage in events and lowering student costs.

Deferred Maintenance
Campus infrastructure and upgrading projects should serve students first.

Cannabis Policy

The Students Union should be discussing the effects that cannabis legalization will have on its operations and campus culture.


In the Media

 - Interview by GlobalNews

- Interview by GlobalNews

To put it nicely, students are very happy today. This is obviously good news,” said Reed Larsen, VP External of the University of Alberta Students’ Union and Chair of the Council of Alberta University Students (CAUS). “But we do remain cautiously optimistic.
— "Alberta government freezes tuition for another year" Metronews 2017
CAUS and students are anxiously awaiting more information on how the government and institutions plan to transition services into the community,” VP external of the Alberta Students’ Union and Chair of CAUS Reed Larsen said. “And we expect that there will be adequate community funding for students when that happens.
— "Alberta government invests funding towards Edmonton post-secondary student’s mental health" Gobalnews 2017
“100 per cent” of the credit to the work done by the Council of Alberta University Students, which he chairs. Larsen said that per-student provincial mental health funding and increased long-term funding have been areas of focus for CAUS advocacy in the last three years.
— "The UofA to receive more mental health funding this year" The Gateway 2017
Right now students have the option to opt out of quite a few of their current fees. I think what this is getting to is the core membership fees...I do believe these membership fees are integral to the function of our associations and they are a part of the mandate that’s been given to us by the province of Alberta’s legislation.
— Metronews 2018